Configuration Strategies in Mass Customization

There are potential interface problems in designing or building products. One major
problem is the limitations of the human information processing system including the working
memory. This makes it difficult to specify or build products with more than 10 items

There are several potential ways to perform mass customization, including:
路 Selecting from a list of alternative items from one or several menus;
路 Selecting items one-by-one either bottom-up or top-down;
路 Assembling sequentially;
路 Building subassemblies first, which are then assembled in turn;
路 Substituting items in a finished design; or
路 Putting together a puzzle of parts presented visually.

Product platform design should result from an optimal balance between customer recognition and capability assessment in both
design and manufacturing. Mass Customization Design can not only the shared base product, but also employ customization modules, standard designs, and
primary patterns of variety to generate custom designs;

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