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Benefits of Mass Customization

  • items cost more than mass-produced counterparts
  • still generally less expensive than luxury goods,
  • minimal start-up costs (Rob Adler, Babson College)
  • In most cases, custom businesses can operate exclusively online
  • leasing or buying a brick-and-mortar
  • We don’t have to make anything in advance (Nick LaCava,

What about Venture Capital

  • Dace Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm: increase in entrepreneurs
  • We one new venture focused on customization out of thousands a year
  • Now we see several per month. That’s a major shift.
  • Invested in Panraven Inc., a three-year-old custom photo-scrapbooking business

Custom Mattress from –¬†

  • self designed
  • including inner springs
  • layer of latex
  • Priced: ¬†$1,250
  • start-up founded by former Dial-A-Mattress executive Evan Saks. Mr. Galloway
  • business-trend: increasing consumer and entrepreneurial interest in customized goods
  • interest is ranging from specially made toilet paper to one-of-a-kind pet food. Directory  Р

  • an online directory of custom home-furnishings businesses
  • currently has more than 1,000 listings
  • up from just 300 in 2009,
  • He projects that the businesses listed on CustomMade will earn a combined $20 million in 2010
  • up from the $8 million they reported to have earned this way in 2009

Customized goods Customers

  • appeal to younger customers
  • personalized ring tones
  • avatars and the like, businesses say
  • „It’s almost a base expectation that a product should be tailored to one’s personality –

  • the two-year-old company’s bikes
  • cost between $400 and $500
  • three styles
  • 10 colors for parts such as tires, grips and saddles –

  • Designing a product online from scratch is a highly interactive experience
  • something young consumers are used to
  • Customers can choose from
  • two types of beef
  • two marinades
  • four rubs
  • two glazes
  • up to 60 combinations
  • costing a minimum of $12.50 for a quarter pound
  • „We wanted to take something pretty simple and boring and add a level of excitement to it,“ says Mr. Kace, who has seven business partners. –

  • added custom products to their existing catalogs of mass-produced goods
  • hand-made action figures
  • celebrities and politicians launched nine years ago
  • customers later began requesting dolls made to look like themselves
  • family and friends,
  • custom dolls, cost around $375
  • sell an average 500 a year

Frecklebox –

  • there consumers aren’t always happy with the end result and go to waste
  • „We’ve had customers misspell their own child’s name
  • storybooks that feature a child’s name on the cover and throughout the story line. –

  • „You’re working on each individual order separately
  • five-year-old business that creates artistic portraits of consumers‘ DNA
  • fingerprints and lips
  • starting at $200 each
  • Pets‘ DNA portraits are also for sale
  • You can’t just click a button and create 10,000 orders
  • 16-employee business
  • $2 million in annual revenue
  • People want to stand out in a world that’s increasingly cookie cutter
  • And there’s nothing more personal than your DNA.“

Notes on the WSJ Article on Demand and Made to Order Goods:

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