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5 Tricks to design and upgrade your Flat

540363_50793093[1]We’re working on our flat since quite some time.
Here are the best 5 Tricks to get your flat to the latest style

1. Use a Colorguide

  • The most comprehensive way to lead from zero to hero is colorguide.
  • Image: If the whole room was using just black and white. Or shades of green and gray.


2. Get rid of that Stuff

  • Yes, everyone knows that you got it from your mom
  • Yes, they will recognize that something changed
  • Yes, its your flat, so its okay

3. Let there be Space, group things

  • Bring your livingroom into an arrangement
  • and give some air in between

4. Use photos and images

5. There be light

  • the last, and most enlightening discipline is to bring in light
  • using light, also refers to use some darkness. Don´t teak everything to 1000Watts Halogene lamps.
  • Less is more, especially with light

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